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Amazon Kindle 2 is following me on Twitter!
May 9, 2009, 4:36 PM
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If I wasn’t so scatterbrained I would be all over this already – a smooth operating social networking multi-platforming mixologist in command of the various technologies that deliver and receive all of the transcendent ideas floating or twittering in the aether.  A kind of human radar.

As I wrote the above sentences my blackberry vibrated, indicating that someone somewhere was tugging on my coat about something.  Reaching over to pick up the blackberry I toggled the rollerball and brought the screen to life.

And what news appeared?  Well, apparently Amazon Kindle 2 is now following me on Twitter.


I am always looking for a reliable light source in the permanent dusk of the new media environment.

Chris Webb’s blog on publishing and technology is an excellent source of illumination. Chris works as an Associate Publisher for Wiley in the states and tackles a lot of questions and ideas that I find interesting.  Great style and I’m looking forward to devouring all of it.

That’s today’s recommendation.


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