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Angels in the Angles: Concrete Poetry Exhibit Until Nov 03

Angels in the Angles Banner XListen to the Cranbury vs Calvert Interview by clicking this link right here!

Gallery Atsui, Bachelor Machines, and freshly minted Mechanical Brides proudly present:

An exhibition of Concrete PoetsAngels_23 X


Donato Mancini
Christian Bök
Marina Roy

One of the finest exhibitions of Concrete Poetry in the literary history of the west coast is almost at the end of its run at the Gallery Atsui in Vancouver’s legendary downtown eastside.

The work is on the walls until Tuesday November 3rd and if you’ve even half-thought that you would like to check it out, you’d better get down there and check it out.

It’s a part of this emergent moment in Vancouver literary history.  It’s a budding flower from the mind of curator Steve Calvert.

Steve and I recorded an interview one night a few weeks ago. Listen to it here.

We met at Lucky’s Comics for the release of Marc Bell’s new book Hot Potatoe, by Drawn and Quarterly.  Lucky’s was packed and we spent a little while talking with friends before walking down to the Main Restaurant.  We sat in the back room with a pitcher of beer and talked for an hour and a half.

It’s a really great conversation but be forewarned: It contains some explicit language including my long tangential riff on pataphysics at the end.  A lot of fun.

Angels_12 XSteve will be in the gallery on Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5pm so drop by if you can or contact Steve Calvert for inquiries: calvair [at] gmail [dot] com

You won’t regret it, unless of course you don’t see the exhibit in which case you probably will regret it.

Numbered edition of collectors’ prints from each artists will be available for sale, through Gallery Atsui.

For those tempted by the poetic austerity of the quote I have pasted below, may I recommend that you read Steve’s Introduction to the Angels in the Angles.  This is the fantastically imaginative, creatively abstruse, indelibly specific piece of writing that I was referring to during my riff at the end of the interview posted above.

As artists adapt to the growing insecurity of our national institutions, creative communities are presured to galvanize and grow stronger, more independent, industrious, and interdependent, developing means of production and trading networks in cultural and cosmopolitan pockets far and wide. In the absence of federal support, producing autonomously, even anonomously, we work for a future milieu which does not yet exist. Rushing in to fill the vacuum, exchanging ideas with a non-linear, open source, transhistorical temperment, we braid our conceptualizations beyond translation, openly hostile to that trust which has forsaken us… this utopia has been dreamed before.

Angels_05 X


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I’ve been following the web presence of this show and great to hear some coverage on this.

I just discovered your podcast and am looking to follow you on Twitter (it really is replacing rss these days-much easier to manage than bookmarks and the like) Do you have one?

Comment by Clarity

Hi Clarity,

Thanks for following. It’s nice to know that BOTR is starting to make a little bit of an impression out there. The site will be moving from BETA phase 0.01 to Beta Phase 0.02 at some point in the early new year.

Which is another way of saying that I’m workin’ on it.

You can follow BOTR on twitter by following @seancranbury.

Thanks for the comment.

Comment by Sean Cranbury

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