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In Need of an Exorcism? Street Ads, Chatroulette & Demonic Possession (by @seancranbury)
August 28, 2010, 1:55 PM
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We’ve all been there.  A family member or friend has become possessed by some malevolent force from beyond this realm and we need some help.

Traditional store-bought solutions prove fruitless and even personalized phone messages from the likes of John Tesh aren’t helping.

Luckily, there’s a recent street poster campaign in Vancouver that offers some alternatives:

Adverts for Exorcists: Only on Commercial Drive.

Oh, alright, I’m kidding about the whole demonic possession* thing, but this ad pasted to a telephone pole on Commercial Drive caught my attention earlier today.

I took the photo and uploaded it to Facebook right away. That started a conversation as people wondered WTF was going on with this.

A savvy telegenic exorcist with a street team and a twitter account?

Does that even make any sense? What dimension are we in again?

Some research into the website that’s mentioned on the poster – – reveals that it’s all a part of a clever online/social media campign in support of a brand new Lionsgate horror film called The Last Exorcism.

Thanks to my nefarious friend, Katie Kruger for doing some eldritch online research and digging up this amazing Chatroulette sequence.

I don’t know if the movie is any good but the social media campaign built around it certainly shows some imagination.

(I should probably go see the movie and write something more in-depth about it.)

* If you or someone you know is actually possessed by a demon or the ghost of Martin Short please contact @NicBoshart for a book deal.

by Sean Cranbury

(cross-posted from the BookMadam site)


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