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About Books on the Radio

Sean BookCampSean presents at Bookcamp Vancouver 2009.

Books on the Radio : Always in Beta

Books on the Radio is a blog, podcast and radio show on CJSF 90.1 FM showcasing new voices and ideas in books and book publishing.

The show features interviews and insights into new and exciting writers, designers, editors and anyone else who is doing the good work with books and publishing today.

As these writers, readers, designers, and other creators help to push the idea of the book into an uncertain future, powerful technologies are radically changing the publishing landscape.

Books on the Radio will speak to the people who are grappling with these changes in hopes of providing fresh light to help everyone move forward.

Books on the Radio is hosted by Sean Cranbury on CJSF 90.1 FM, the public radio station at Simon Fraser University.


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I have a book for you to review, but even better, I have two authors for you to interview. Yes, these two talented women wrote this book together. I asked them just how that works, and we came up with a video response that should give you a good idea of just how lively and articulate these ladies are. They would be great interviewees.

This book tackles a lot of interesting things: it is the first to describe Pippo, the WWII plane that up until now how been a popular part of oral history but unwritten. It also gets into herbalism, naturopathy and midwifery as they were in the first part of the century, and question of personal identity as the main character tries to fit her Canadian self into the Italian family of which she has become an integral part.

Please contact me or the authors directly for a copy of the book. Thanks for your time.

Theresa Lemieux

Comment by Theresa Lemieux

Hi Sean, this is an awesome resource. Is there a podcast of the radio show?

Comment by Ardin Lalui

Hi Ardin

Thanks for the kind words! We are working on a new site that should launch very soon that will have a direct link to the iTunes podcast.

Would you like to be one of the contributors to the new Books on the Radio site? There will be more writers/contributors. I can’t pay you money but I can get you books to read and talk about on the site!

Let me know and thanks for reading and commenting.


Comment by Sean Cranbury

Hi Sean,
I would love to be a contributor. My email is ardin at

Comment by Ardin Lalui

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