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Jeanette Winterson on Art, Imagination & Crisis

jeanette_wintersonI have always loved the work of Jeanette Winterson.  From the moment Sexing the Cherry jabbed me in the brain to when Art & Lies knocked the wind out of me on a flight from Montreal to Belfast to the sublime sexiness of Written on the Body.

Art Objects was like a holy book to me for years.  I’ve loaned every copy that I’ve owned to friends. A quick look at the bookshelf tells me that I don’t have a copy right now and that I should get down to the bookstore right away and rectify the situation.

I’ve been woefully neglectful of Ms Winterson’s work in recent years but seeing this little video gave me a jolt.  The video was made by a fan to augment this audio clip.

Let’s start with a brief excerpt.  The full text of the piece is transcribed under the video below.

“We know that we cannot go on living as we do and yet we go on living as we do.

Books, paintings, music, theatre are there to prompt us to think differently and to see life differently and when we free up our imaginative life we are free to imagine a very different kind of world and that is what is needed and we’ve never needed it more urgently.

In a world economy that depends on separations art asks us to make connections…”

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