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Announcing Bookcamp Vancouver 2010: Friday October 1st!

Friday, October 1st, 2010. SFU Harbour Centre. Cost = Free.

Happy to make an official announcement about Bookcamp Vancouver 2010!

The second annual installment will occur in downtown Vancouver on the classic binary date of 01.10.10.

It will be hosted again this year by the good people at SFU Harbour Centre, more specifically the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing which features the Masters of Publishing Program and the Summer Publishing Workshops – both of which feature amazing faculty and produce the leaders of tomorrow.

Our friends at BookNet Canada have once again generously sponsored the event! They rule, we love them, you should too.

The organizing team will be taking a more active curatorial role this year in an effort to bring everyone a more focused and informative day. We have decided to cut back the number of sessions, too, while including more time for conversation between sessions.

We hope that these decisions will provide a better experience for everyone.

Please check out our wiki and become a fan of our Facebook Page, too.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please don’t hesitate to let me or any of the organizers know.

See you in October!


Lorraine Murphy aka Raincoaster Talks Power of Social Media for Writers

Click here tol isten to me & Lorraine talk social media writing at the new Irish Heather.

Lorraine Murphy is the woman behind the legendary social media phenomenon called Raincoaster.

She has been writing, blogging and teaching courses on social media for social good for over ten years.  She has directly witnessed the positive affect that blogging and social media engagement have had on the lives of marginalized people in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown East Side.

She is a passionate and outspoken advocate of using social media tools to help writers develop confidence in their writing while simultaneously building an audience and community for their stories.

Lorraine founded the Shebeen Club*, a monthly get together for the local literati that occurs at the Whisk[e]y Bar behind the Irish Heather Pub in Vancouver’s Gastown district.

Lorraine also appeared at Book Camp Vancouver 2009 where she facilitated a session called “Blogging as Writers Practice”.  A fascinating idea and one that we discuss at length in this interview.  She also has worked with the excellent people at the Surrey International Writers Conference.

Blogging as Writer’s Practice will be a a 10-week course taught by Lorraine starting in January 2010.  Stay tuned to the Raincoaster Media site for more details about this course and registration.

I had been wanting to interview Lorraine for many months and I am very pleased to add her to the Books on the Radio roster.

I hope that you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

*Lorraine has asked me to speak at the January 2010 edition of the Shebeen Club and I have tentatively titled my talk “Don’t Die Just Yet: New Life in New Territories for Book Publishing“.

Impact of Piracy and P2P on Book Sales: Frankfurt

Impact Of Piracy And Free ( T O C F F)

View more presentations from bfoleary.
Brian O’Leary of Magellan Media has updated the data for his Impact of P2P and Free Distribution on Book Sales.  He presented this update at the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair.
Brian’s research and methods have been very influential on my own work.

kc Dyer Talks Surrey International Writers Conference

SIWC 2009 flyer1.jpg

This week’s interview is with Vancouver area writer kc Dyer about the upcoming Surrey International Writers Conference which occurs October 23-25, 2009.

kc is a writer herself, having published 5 books including her most recent YA novel, A Walk Through the Window, published by Doubleday Canada.

The Surrey Writers Conference is an opportunity for experienced and aspiring writers to meet published writers, agents, publishers and others in the writing community to learn more about their craft and do some networking.

Click here to listen to kc and me discuss the Surrey International Writers Conference.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I will be sitting on a panel at SiWC on Friday at 130pm called Traditional Publishing Make-Over: How Social Media is Rocking the Writing World.

The panel will be moderated by fellow Bookcamp Vancouver organizer Monique Trottier and Barcamp Vancouver organizer Darren Barefoot.  Lorraine Murphy – aka RaincoasterLeanne Prain and Kirk LaPointe will be chiming in, taking questions and offering sage advice.

Forget Frankfurt! Bookcamp Vancouver 2009 is Here!


BOOKCAMP VANCOUVER 2009: FRIDAY OCTOBER 16: SFU HARBOUR CENTRE Exploring New Ideas in Books, Publishing and the Future of Reading

It’s curious.  Thousands of publishing professionals from all over the world funnel into the Bavarian outpost of Frankfurt at this time every year for the largest book fair and rights festival in the world.

Fortunes rise and fall on decisions made there.  Expectations run high.  Coffee is consumed at an alarming rate, as is Russian vodka.  The very next Harry Potter or Da Vinci Code could be right under one’s proverbial nose.

Conferences are attended, powerpoint presentations proffer poignant percentages and that person over there flitting from table to table scribbling furiously in her notepad just might be Michiko Kakutani.

But… there’s something happening in Canada’s western hinterlands, some sort of modern mutation on an age-old theme.  Fresh ideas are being hatched, new voices are given the opportunity to speak and the wisdom of the crowd is tapped.

Bookcamp Vancouver 2009 Unconference!

It all happens on the rain slicked streets of Vancouver on Friday October 16th at the SFU Harbour Centre.  See you there!

Joseph Planta Interviews Sean Cranbury:

Picture 18

I spoke to Joe Planta last week as part of his excellent series of podcasts for  It was an great opportunity for me to speak about the various projects that I am involved in these days – namely Books on the Radio, Bookcamp Vancouver 2009 and the Vancouver Biennale.

Many thanks to Joe for doing such an excellent job and for being a kindred spirit in the podcasting game.

A quick look at his website shows Joe to be someone with a huge range of interests and a lot of dedication.  I look forward to watching his site continue to grow and maybe even contributing something to it in the future.

To listen to my interview with Joe please click this link.


The Commentary began in June 1999 as an e-mail newsletter of editorial comment.  Online since September 2003, THECOMMENTARY.CA featured other contributors as well commenting on a wide variety of subjects.

In August 2004, Joseph Planta premiered feature audio interviews with unique and diverse guests from renowned bestselling and prize winning authors, Canadian newsmakers and political figures, internationally known print and broadcast journalists, prominent academics and public intellectuals, as well as noted artists and personalities.

For over 350 interviews and five years now, the Planta: On the Line interview program continues as a forum for engaging, informative conversations on current affairs and a wide variety of subjects.


Cranbury v. McGuire: The Future of Publishing Interview


Sometime around the middle of August I got an email from Amy Logan-Holmes at Open Book: Toronto asking whether I would be interested in participating in something called the 48 Hour Interview that would run in their Fall Issue.

She described it as an email exchange or co-interview between two people working within the books/publishing industry.  The participants are free to discuss whatever they like provided that the ‘interview’ occurs within 48 consecutive hours and, I suppose, is at least tangentially related to the business at hand.

So I’m thinking, “Ok, that sounds doable.  I wonder who she’s going to pair me up with?”

And, of course, it was Hugh McGuire, co-creator of Book Oven and  Organizer of BookCamp Toronto and well-coiffed confidante of the Digital Literati.

No pressure, right?


It was a great, if somewhat long, interview that really dug into some key issues facing the evolving – convulsing? – book publishing industry today.

The whole thing was edited and punched into shape by the very talented Clelia Scala.  Many thanks to Hugh and everyone at Open Book: Toronto.

For an example of something that I wrote for the interview that may or may not be interesting, please click the little red (more…) button below.

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