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Sophia Books Spring MEGA Sale is Happening Now!
We are having a Mega Spring Sale !
30% off all books in stock !
(special orders, magazines and DVDs not included)
April 1st to 17th. In store shopping only.
(please note that we are closed on Easter day, April 4th)

French books, Spanish books, Italian books, German Books,
Japanese books, ESL books, Graphic design etc

Please pass along to friends that might be interested.


Grands Soldes du Printemps
30% de remise sur tous les livres en stock
(à l’exception des commandes spéciales, des DVD et des magazines)
Achats en personne seulement
Les soldes débutent le 1er avril et se termineront le 17 avril.
(veuillez noter que nous sommes fermés le jours de Paques, le 4 avril)

Livres en français, en espagnol, en italien, en allemand,
en japonais, ALS, arts visuels etc.
Faites passer le mot à ceux et celles qui pourraient être interessés .


Shapes begin to emerge: The Hal Wake Interview

Hal Wake-1


Read the post below and check the links while you listen to the podcast by clicking here.

In the earliest days of planning for Books on the Radio, when it was but a glimmer on the horizon, I knew that I wanted to interview Hal Wake about the Vancouver International Writers Festival.  I’ve known Hal for a few years and we have many mutual friends and I’ve been a big fan of the work that he and his team have done to bring a fresh international group of writers to Vancouver every year.

This interview could have gone on for an hour and a half and we still wouldn’t have covered everything that the festival has to offer.  I didn’t even get a chance to ask Hal about the Peter Mansbridge event!

That’s ridiculous and would be almost unforgivable had we not alighted on David Sedaris, Margaret Atwood, Audrey Niffenegger, Sal Ferreras and the Tribute to Alice Munro along the way.

So the festival is coming but it’s not all about percussive bandleaders and international heavyweight smackdowns.

The VIWF also features emerging talents like local beatboxing, wharf-dwelling, gravel voiced impresario C.R. Avery.  The always charming Billeh Nickerson brings his McPoems (published by the excellent Arsenal Pulp Press) to town for a few events.  Michael Turner is also making a few appearances in support of his new experimental novel 8X10.

And just when you thought that it was an unrelenting sausage party the VIWF drops the likes of Zoe Whittall, with her new book Holding Still for as Long as Possible, Lisa Foad with her short story collection The Night is a Mouth (note the Sonja Ahlers cover!) and local poet and unabashed Laurie Anderson fan, Elizabeth Bachinsky reps the legendary annual Poetry Bash in support of her new book of poems, God of Missed Connections.

And I’m only really touching the surface.  You can pick up the festival programs at bookstores and libraries throughout the city or you can check it out online.

It’s going to be another great year and I look forward to seeing you there.

Sophia Books: Independent Bookstore Showcase #1

One of the features of the new Books on the Radio blog will be the Independent Bookstore Showcase.

This will be a chance to celebrate great indie bookstores and the people who make them so amazing.

Our first stop will be Sophia Books, the best independent bookstore in downtown Vancouver and one of the best in Canada.  Stay tuned!

Girl at Sophia Books