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Telepathic Exercises: The Chris Hutchinson Interview, Ep. 01

Chris Hutchinson 03 copy

Books on the Radio has finally launched!

The first interview was conducted in the front room of the temporarily empty Kelowna home of poet Chris Hutchinson.

During the interview we discussed telepathy, Henry Miller’s the Tropic of Cancer, Sharon Thesen, institutionalized poets and John Coltrane.

Chris’ new book of poems is called ‘Other People’s Lives‘ and is published by Brick Books.  You can purchase a copy at any quality independent bookstore.

You can listen to the interview by clicking this link.


The Chris Hutchinson Interview: Other People’s Lives

Chris Hutchinson 01

The first Books on the Radio interview is ready for broadcast.

This past weekend I interviewed Chris Hutchinson in his new home in Kelowna, BC. We discussed Kerouac, Coltrane and telepathy among many other things.

The interview is broadcast on CJSF 90.1FM at 1pm on Wednesday and I will podcast it here with an extended introduction on the day