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Sean Cranbury Talks Publishing 3.0 @ The Shebeen Club

Monday, January 18th, 2010. Sean Cranbury @ the Shebeen Club in Vancouver.

New Ideas, Opportunities, Communities: Living with Book Publishing 3.0

2009 was the year that Book Publishing came crashing into the present.

The digital revolution could no longer be kept at bay as this traditional industry was assailed on all sides.

The true revolutionaries didn’t loot and pillage, however – they leapt into action and quickly built opportunities for publishers, book professionals, writers and readers to come together and talk about these changes and to create the dialog around the changes to come.

Photo by Kris Krug.

The revolutionaries moved from a traditionally passive mode to one of activity and demonstration.

In this installment of the Shebeen Club, Sean Cranbury will discuss how the digital revolution has created opportunities for creative and passionate individuals to demonstrate their ideas, open up dialog and build new communities.

Vancouver has become a focal point for new ideas that are transforming the industry.  Bookcamp Vancouver demonstrated this nicely.

Sean will also discuss the increasing impact of social media technologies on book marketing, writer/reader relationship and its potential to turn publishing workflows upside down.

Join us for a lively Bookcamp-style discussion!


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Just When I Thought Publishing Couldn’t Get Any Worse by Richard Nash, Cursor.

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It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times… by Bob Miller, Harper Studio.


Sean Cranbury is a Vancouver writer, editor, broadcaster and social media consultant.

He was an organizer of Bookcamp Vancouver 2009 and his radio show/blog, Books on the Radio, is broadcast on CJSF 90.1 FM.  He also writes for the Vancouver Biennale and the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative.

Sean is co-creator of the ridiculously successful viral, community-based book recommendation site, the Advent Book Blog, and is also working on the real-time collaborative fiction experiment called Eyes of Vancouver.

Eyes of Vancouver aims to demonstrate a potential new workflow for publishers and independent or self-published authors that puts community-building first and physical publication last.

You can find Sean:

Lorraine Murphy aka Raincoaster Talks Power of Social Media for Writers

Click here tol isten to me & Lorraine talk social media writing at the new Irish Heather.

Lorraine Murphy is the woman behind the legendary social media phenomenon called Raincoaster.

She has been writing, blogging and teaching courses on social media for social good for over ten years.  She has directly witnessed the positive affect that blogging and social media engagement have had on the lives of marginalized people in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown East Side.

She is a passionate and outspoken advocate of using social media tools to help writers develop confidence in their writing while simultaneously building an audience and community for their stories.

Lorraine founded the Shebeen Club*, a monthly get together for the local literati that occurs at the Whisk[e]y Bar behind the Irish Heather Pub in Vancouver’s Gastown district.

Lorraine also appeared at Book Camp Vancouver 2009 where she facilitated a session called “Blogging as Writers Practice”.  A fascinating idea and one that we discuss at length in this interview.  She also has worked with the excellent people at the Surrey International Writers Conference.

Blogging as Writer’s Practice will be a a 10-week course taught by Lorraine starting in January 2010.  Stay tuned to the Raincoaster Media site for more details about this course and registration.

I had been wanting to interview Lorraine for many months and I am very pleased to add her to the Books on the Radio roster.

I hope that you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

*Lorraine has asked me to speak at the January 2010 edition of the Shebeen Club and I have tentatively titled my talk “Don’t Die Just Yet: New Life in New Territories for Book Publishing“.

kc Dyer Talks Surrey International Writers Conference

SIWC 2009 flyer1.jpg

This week’s interview is with Vancouver area writer kc Dyer about the upcoming Surrey International Writers Conference which occurs October 23-25, 2009.

kc is a writer herself, having published 5 books including her most recent YA novel, A Walk Through the Window, published by Doubleday Canada.

The Surrey Writers Conference is an opportunity for experienced and aspiring writers to meet published writers, agents, publishers and others in the writing community to learn more about their craft and do some networking.

Click here to listen to kc and me discuss the Surrey International Writers Conference.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I will be sitting on a panel at SiWC on Friday at 130pm called Traditional Publishing Make-Over: How Social Media is Rocking the Writing World.

The panel will be moderated by fellow Bookcamp Vancouver organizer Monique Trottier and Barcamp Vancouver organizer Darren Barefoot.  Lorraine Murphy – aka RaincoasterLeanne Prain and Kirk LaPointe will be chiming in, taking questions and offering sage advice.